How to preserve textures

You had mentioned there is a way to preserve the texture in .fbx or obj. Do you know the steps in Blender to do this with a file from Sketchfab? for example
thanks for any help!

At the moment we do not support textures but we’re working on it.

We support .obj + .mtl file uploads where the .mtl file describes material color and parameters of the Phong reflection model. So any 3D modelling tool which can generate you .obj + .mtl files should work.

I don’t know about Blender but maybe @Simon knows more about that.

thanks, I tried dragging the obj and mtl of the file i linked into the scene but it only placed the obj. Perhaps there is some way in Blender to combine them?

You’re doing it right but in this case it doesn’t make much difference because the .mtl file doesn’t have much color and lighting information, only some default values and references to the textures. But because texture upload isn’t supported yet, they don’t get applied.

We’re trying to support texture upload as soon as possible :+1:

ok thanks, it will be an amazing upgrade when you get that done!

What you could do in Blender is defining a few base colors and apply them to the faces you want to have the colors. That’s not the same as the texture but at least it could give you some control over the look of the model. :slightly_smiling_face:

I still can’t import obj+mtl and keep the textures. has any progress been made to support importing textures?

Hi @Riles,

Have you read through the 3D Model upload troubleshooting collection ?

There’s a lot of good info around the complexities of this in there.

Geoff @ TechLeap