Import animated objects

Is it possible to import animated objects into Cospaces? For example, if I have 3D objects with animation built in, can these be imported into cospaces?

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Hi @smartears, thanks for getting in touch. At the moment, this is not possible but we are constantly working to improve the software so I’ll be sure to pass this feedback onto our developers for consideration. Many thanks!

I have a similar question. I want to import an animated campfire.

There is a .fbx version, and .max versions

I purchased them for my students and now the kids can’t figure out how to upload them into their VR.

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The campfile also is available as .rar files
I’m so confused.

How does the animation of this fire works? Is it a png sequence or video file as texture or maybe a particle system?

So if an animation has a png sequence, is it possible to import these? How do the built in animations of the objects work?


No, there is no easy way to have a png sequence working at the moment.
The objects have bone animations, meaning that a 3d object has a skeletton that deforms the mesh. But this way it will be difficult to have something like a fire animation.
So normally it should be possible to upload a fbx by just drag and drop it into a space. But the fire of this object can probably not be imported easily into CoSpaces.

Is there any way to import the new Google 3D animals that are being used in AR? It does not look like Google has added them publically to Google Poly. Maybe soon?

Are there any updates to CoSpaces that will allow for importing custom animation 3D models?

Is there any way to import 3D models that are animated now? Have there been any new updates that allow this?


I came to ask the same! Can animated models be imported into CoSpaces yet?