Oculus Quest support

Hello everybody,

my school recently bought 5 Oculus Quest headsets and I was interested in whether there is a way to experience VR worlds from CoSpacesEdu on the Oculus Quest (access through Oculus web browser does not work - maybe via virtual desktop - haven’t tried out this yet) and if not whether there are plans to support the Quest in the future?

Thank you very much for your answer in advance!


Anyone who can help me?

Isn’t there an app on the oculus store? I would like to know as I would like purchase an oculus quest.

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I have the same question, help please!

Me too, same question here.


Firefox just released its browser “reality” for the quest. You can now access CoSpaces Edu and your spaces via the browser and view them in VR. Controllers will be displayed, but only 3DOF.

As of August 2019 I can use Cospaces with native Oculus Quest Browser and new Firefox Reality. In my case the experience with native Oculus Browser is better than with Firefox Reality (FR was even the first app to crash my Quest).
But as mentioned earlier, there is no specific Quest controller support. Maybe this will come with a Quest App from Delightex.