Snowfall in CoBlocks

Will this effect also be possible in blocky? I’d want to add this into future projects but I don’t have any experience with java scripting…

Thank you!

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Hi @s0p1,

below is an example how to create a particle generator with CoBlocks. You can simply change the ‘SnowFlake’ item to any other item you want to drop from the skies. This way you could create rain, snow, and other effects :slight_smile:. Click the REMIX button and check out the different scenes to learn how it’s done.

Below is Blockly example, too. Please note that we won’t be adding new features to Blockly, and that we’ll add more functionality to CoBlocks instead. I recommend using CoBlocks for your future projects.

Now I am learning CoSpaces doing trial-and-errors. Please find my questions and help me to understand this program better.
snow flakes.pdf (317.2 KB)

Is there a way to add this code to a Merge Cube space?
I remixed the template on scene 3 to add the snowballs.

I’d like to import it into a Merge Cube scene to incorporate snowfall. It won’t allow me to copy the CoBlocks over. If I enter them manually line by line will it work or is it not interchangeable?

I also don’t see the same results from the desktop preview to the merge cube activation. The Merge cube does not allow the skater to continue in the forever loop. Can you please let me know what is incorrect?

Hi @c3D,

the CoBlocks code consists of two functions and blocks in main part. Every function should be selected and copied separately.
After you paste the codes in “When play clicked” part, you should fill the parameter for generateParticles function with the object you want you snowflakes to look like.
The snowflakes will fall around that item. You could change the values in DropParticles function to control the snowfall’s area.
Feel free to remix Merge version of the sample:

Hope that helps


Thank you for fixing this. It’s so fun to watch. I can only get it to work when I am playing then press the replay button. The replay starts the skater and snow. The music starts automatically.
At first opening, the music plays but the skate and snow are not activated.