Snowfall script

Winter is coming and we got the question on how to make weather effects in CoSpaces.

Here is a script which creates some snow in any of your scenes. Just copy the code into the editor and press play. Click here to see the demo.

Ideas and improvements are welcome!


Thanks for sharing this! Going to drop this into a few of my kid’s winter scenes and surprise them!


Thank you very much for the examples!

Awesome script, and way more optimized than mine. Great work Benny

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Thanks for sharing - but it seems that the link is broken to the Github location. The demo doesn’t seem to be working either.

On this similar topic, Is it possible to view an account and their shared projects? I am interested in viewing the shared projects from the CoSpaces Dev team to find some more examples of Script coding - and I thought that CoSpaces would have some great examples.


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I have updated the script. You can remix it and explore the code:

Is it possible to view an account and their shared projects?

We do not have that functionality at the moment. Please, look in the Gallery for the shared spaces.


I’m excited to be able to search based on users… I have been looking for Script examples and found some awesome ones. I have been trying to create an example CoSpace with some basic script coding examples. Would love to have an comments or suggestions on next steps.

Great work Benny Thank you very much for the examples!

I’ve fixed this example - updated createSphere function to createEllipsoid.