Technical difficulties - help?

Busy doing a big project with 40 students building virtual cities, using none of the coding/physics features. They’re using iPads on a trial Pro account.

While it’s been awesome, the students have reported the following issues/difficulties:

  1. Multiple selection on the iPad app isn’t available. It makes large scale projects very tedious in terms of detail. (Trying to move a building with a rooftop garden, for example)

2.1) The central axis rotation view. This makes it very very hard to work in the corners of the canvas.
2.2) Additionally for some of my students the axis point inexplicably moved to a different point on the canvas and stayed there :confused:

  1. Saving/backing up. Some students lost work (might be due to connectivity issues). My workaround was to get them to copy to Free Play periodically. But had a significant impact on some students’ motivation.

Not sure which of these issues are solvable or how rare/important they are. But feedback from the users on the ground is always useful, I guess :slight_smile:

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Hi @Louis_Pienaar!

thank you for your student’s feedback. We’ve been working on improving on the points you mentioned with an update that will be available for you this month. The central axis rotation view will be replaced with more natural drag gestures which allows you to move the camera freely on the scene, unrestricted from the central axis rotation view.

To 1) the attaching feature could help your student in this case. You can find out more about grouping and attaching at the links below:

To 2.2): your students seem to have focussed on an item in the scene. This is done by double-tapping the item in the item-hierarchy on the left.

To 3) I’m sorry to hear that your students lost some of their work. It’s a very infuriating thing which we’re working on mitigating in our system. If your students see a red warning while they build, it means that the internet connection is not stable enough to save the student’s progress. It’s best to wait for the internet connectivity to recover and the warning to go away before building more.

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Thank you Stefan. Glad to hear the axis rotation is being changed.

  1. Unfortunately attaching/grouping doesn’t seem available on iPad?

2.2) I can see the item hierarchy, but not sure how to change what the focus is?

I have collected feedback from all the students - should I share it with something specific?

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Hi again,

the attaching feature is currently only available on the web browser :frowning:. We’re looking into adding the attaching feature to mobile devices next month!

The item hierarchy focus by double tap, as well as the camera rotation improvements for tablet, will be available to you next Monday :slight_smile:

As for the students feedback: feel free to send me a PM with everything you have. We’re always happy to hear from students and teachers about what can be improved!

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