Attach feature for images


There are many scenarios where you maybe want to hang a picture on a wall or display an image on a screen. This is easily done using the attach feature. Here is a gallery like example:

After you have a picture and a wall inside the scene, double-click on the picture to open the inspector menu and click on “Attach”.

Attach-points will appear on the wall. Select the one in the middle.

The picture is attached to the wall automatically. You can drag it around, change the size and move the wall around as well. The picture stays at its place.

It can be useful for all kind of images and objects. Even GIFs are supported!

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I’m no expert but the (expanding) features this app has compared to other similar tools really highlights the agility and vision of the extended development team. The interaction with users is also first class and will ultimately enable a solution that caters for a wide range of users. This is key and worth the hours spent on replying and creating content like this. Well done to the CoSpaces crew. It seems like you have a concise and innovative edu strategy in place. This app is quickly climbing to the top of my favourite education tools list.


This was a huge pain to do before! Thanks for this feature! Also this would perhaps be a way to add texture to an object?


It works quite good on objects with simple geometry and flat surfaces like the cuboid and wall. But it’s difficult to use it as a texture for complex and curved objects.


thanks a lot for the very useful information! You said that the sistem supports also GIFs is it possible to upload also videos?


Hi Emma,

it’s not possible yet, but we are working on a video feature as well :+1:


thanks a lot!


Really I am grateful to you
always i am trying to do that but I can’t
It makes me happy thank you

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Hi Emma ,

This little bit to difficult for me ! thank you for sharing your knowledge !

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