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CoSpaces Edu Forum Rules

Please respect these rules on the CoSpaces Edu forum and use these guidelines when posting: Be precise and try to keep your post brief and to-the-point. Keep your post on-topic, relevant to the thread you’re posting in…

1 April 1, 2019
Welcome to the new CoSpaces Edu forum!

Welcome to the CoSpaces Edu forum! This is where our community gathers to share best practices, discuss new features and learn more about the various tools in CoSpaces Edu. Everyone is welcome to ask questions, leave c…

1 September 21, 2017
Report on new version released 2 days ago. cannot update on android 9 and 10 mobile phones 1 March 28, 2020
Events, Conferences & Presentations 37 December 3, 2019
Back-to-School Party Party Week in the Facebook Community! 1 September 24, 2018
EdTechTeam - IV Summit 2018 - CoSpacesEdu (Make VR in the Classroom) 1 September 23, 2018
New Halloween Objects in CoSpaces Edu 1 October 25, 2017